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Lawyer Sue Grey

The Law Society Gets It Right
Well know Nelson lawyer Sue Grey has not breached conduct standards the Tribunal has found.
Freedom of expression and free speech has prevailed.
The complaints against Grey were not from any clients, rather just a bunch of do gooder bell ends who were dialled into the podium of truth. Typical cancel culture. 
We feel sorry for Grey as she has been painted as a conspiracy theorist by most, when she was just simply standing up for what she believed.
As the days and weeks roll by the utter nonsense fed to kiwis by the current government is all catching up with them. 
Simply put, NZ was just fed a bunch of bullshit. The current PM, Chris Hipkins was front and centre all the way. 
Just because you are lawyer does not mean you cant hold beliefs and views. 
The sad reality is this was just a hit job on Sue Grey in attempt to silence her. 
We all know how the mandates have ended up. 
Whether NZF & Winston Peters make it back into to parliament or not, lets hope there is a full commission of enquiry in to the Labour Parties handling of the entire Covid response. NZ deserves it. 
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