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The Julie Anne Genter Gravy Train

The Labour Party Friends & Family Gravy Train Is A Popular Pass Time
“The NZTU can reveal that in the last year the Government has paid $356,466.61 to the consultancy firm of Peter Nunns – the partner of Associate Transport Julie Anne Genter, without a single open tender process.
The firm is MRCagney – for which Mr Nunns is principal economist.”

We don’t recall any other government in NZ’s history allowing so much cash to be thrown around friends and family.
What makes it worse is this Labour government campaigned on being the most transparent government ever. 
First it was Mahuta and Ormsby, then Tamihere, now Genter – and plenty more that we will be exposing, as the MSM once again either glosses over these issues, or completely ignores them. 
Nepotism and corruption at its finest. 
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