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The Whale Oil Book Financial Fall Out Continues

Another settlement is now done.
It has come to this sites attention that settlement number four is now done! 
But this time its a little bit different….
Whilst we are not privy to the actual documents, its come to our attention that an ‘associated party’ has written a cheque to apologise for his disgraceful conduct, for the false and defamatory lies he gave during an interview to author, Margie Thomson
The ‘person’ who did the defaming, who we won’t name, is a supposed well regarded ex senior NZ Police Detective.
What’s all the more fascinating is that this particular ex cop, with years of investigative experience, made some of the most disparaging comments about a person we have have ever heard of… which is odd, given the requirement to be sure that the evidence meets the evidential threshold. 
The ex Detective of all people should know that more than anyone what an evidential threshold is. 
Having now looked throughly through the comments of the so called witness, what’s become very apparent is that he was fed a line of ‘hypothetical’ outcomes, and so he, based his response to these fake facts. 
Then, author Margie Thomson fashioned those comments into her web of lies and nonsense to create the fictional book called Whale Oil. There was no actual facts, documentation, or proof. 
What’s truly astounding is that a so called expert in his field, an ex copper, can be so naive and not see through the bullshit. That leaves us with only one conclusion… he was Margie Thomson’s ‘patsy’ in all this.
Documents seen by this website appear to show that that ex NZ Police Detective seems to be personally friendly with the author Margie Thomson. That should raise alarm bells with any publisher. 
As we know, verification of evidence has been a rather large issue with regard to the publication of the Whale Oil book… hence the 3 payouts via AIG Insurance, and now this 4th payout. 
The Whale Oil book was a hit job by a cry baby… the NZ Herald should be ashamed of itself promoting the Blomfield V Slater story like it did… no winners yet. 
Is the Whale Oil book one of the biggest literary failures of all time? Just ask Margie Thomson, Potton & Burton, and AIG. 
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