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The Danger That Is Craig Mason

Nutty People Do Nutty Things
The Courts have once again found in favour of self represented specialist Marc Spring.
This time though, its his own safety that’s been threatened. 
Standing up for whats right is his game, and Spring is NEVER backing down. 
Craig Mason aka Roman Williams has been been the architect of a disgraceful, defamatory attack on Spring. The false allegations are not worth repeating.
District Court orders are once again in Spring’s favour. DCJ Bergseng was absolutely horrified at the abuse, and the threats that Spring has been subjected to. 
Spring says “it’s never ending, late night texts from odd phone numbers, online hate, calls and emails to clients, the IRD, my bank… you name it, I am getting hammered by this guy, and nothing he says is true” 
Whilst this is all going on, we have dived and investigated much deeper into the Craig Mason fiasco, and whats become very apparent is the involvement of Gary Periam – long time weed junkie, and alcoholic friend of Craig Mason. 
Periam, based on audio recorded conversations this site has obtained, including audio of Periam himself admitting his involvement – its just disgusting the false and defamatory allegations made against Spring. 
With a restraining order in place, Spring hopes the never ending lies and harassment by Mason will stop, but as he says “Periam is a piece of shit who was spouting Ralph Norris’s lies about me – my court win record V Norris speaks for itself and Periam knows that, maybe the years of weed have fucked his brain” 
Maybe the last laugh was Periam getting the ass card out of his long term role at Audi, but as Spring says “the abuse by that guy was so unfair, and I have talked with so many staff who were affected by his hung over, drug fucked behaviour… good riddance I say”
The first judgement in Springs favour with Craig Mason was $170K plus costs – to date just a hundred and fifty bucks has been paid in reparation. Its one of NZs biggest defamation awards that has been unchallenged. 
Now its a court approved restraining order as well. The costs for the sucessful restraining order will never be recovered. But its not about the money. 
Spring says of Gary Periam “tick tock Gary, your time will come” 
There will be more to come on all of this, as Craig Mason is before the courts for his online death threats, and he blames, and says Periam told him all he uses to abuse people.
As for Periam, Spring hopes to cross examine him in the District Court in the upcoming Mason trial. 
Stay tuned readers.. 
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