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COVID Madness, and Billions and Billions and Billions

The Rules Have Changed Once Again
Yesterday was just further proof that this governments handling of Covid was well… nothing short of a joke.
$90,000,000,000.00 – (thats $90 billion) later, and here we are. We pick the number is actually much higher, but we will find that out after the election. 
We were locked down for just one case, but now its 5000 cases a day and you dont have to isolate.
Well that makes no sense! 
Winston Peters has said should he make it back into Parliament, he will be making sure a full commission of inquiry is held into the Labour Party’s handling of the supposed Covid pandemic.
The current unelected, caretaker PM, Chris ‘Chippy’ Hipkins has been front and centre all along with his trusty, now kerb kicked mate, ex PM, Jacinda Ardern.
Maybe Hipkins thinks kiwis have a short memory – well Chris, they dont. So as you swan around being an unelected PM, make sure you are enjoying it, as all going well it will be your only time as PM. 
The Ardern, Roberston, Hipkins era of destruction is thankfully nearly over. 
The mandates have destroyed lives, destroyed careers, destroyed families, destroyed businesses, destroyed friendships, and all for what? 
We would say if you have Covid, its best to keep away from people, as any sick person knows thats the right thing to do – aka common sense. 
Speaking of common sense, thats something this current government does not have.
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