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Political Journalism in NZ – The Attempt at Woke Control

It's Time For A Major Reset With Most Of NZ’s MSM
The graph below was put together by Massey University in October 2022, and it looked at the political views of our so called ‘journalists’… it explains a heck of a lot. In fact its very concerning. 
After the winners and losers are decided in the upcoming election, it’s very clear that a major overhaul needs to happen so the public of NZ can be guaranteed that media reporting is unbiased, and NOT politically motivated.
The above graph shows just how left leaning the current crop of so called journalists really are – it is deeply concerning to say the least. 
Frankly the word ‘impartial’ is now a thing of the past.
There also needs to be a full review of where the funds went from the Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF)… quite clearly it appears to have been used by the Labour government to further its cosy relationships with left leaning media advocates.
The unfolding story of MSM outlet ’STUFF’ will be most interesting in the months ahead with the rumours continuing to swirl about its solvency issues, and viability. 
The biggest issue we see is that the current political media (for the most part), are no longer reporting in an unbiased, and fair manner, but rather hiding behind their own political ambitions and agendas. That is NOT news. 
There is also quite clearly deep, long standing political affiliations that are now able to be proffered through supposed reputable media outlets. 
Thats NOT news – its simply ‘opinion pieces’. 
The upcoming election needs to address these issues and a plan is needed to be put in place to make sure the NZ public know what is true, what is not, what is fake, who their paymasters are, and which political party they are affiliated to. 
In layman’s terms the MSM / media in NZ needs a total reset and abide to a much higher standard of journalistic integrity. 
The PIJF has been front and centre of providing the cash to promote the lefts agenda. Look how thats played out both locally and globally? We are a laughing stock. 
It would appear that to receive the funds via the PIJF, the media outlet had to agree to what looks like controlling terms and conditions that are not supportive of any independence – simply put, they endorse and promote political interference. 
Another real concern is what qualifications do these so called ’senior journalists’ actually have? 
Ethics – what are these?
Facts – what are those? 
MSM Editors, Managers, Boards, and Shareholders…. Take note – the NZ public no longer buy your bullshit.
Political journalists have a moral responsibility, and fiduciary duty to report on unbiased facts. 
This site would like to see a new ‘Journalism Standards Authority’ established to manage the profession, rule on fake, misleading, and deliberately false reporting that interferes with NZ’s democracy. 
The new MSM is coming…. Marc Spring Media. 
More to come on this…
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