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The Economic Uncertainty until the Election

NZ Is Past The Current Labour Government - It Is The Next Government That Is A Problem
Business all across NZ is struggling. Sure there are small pockets that are going OK, but thats in any economy.
This Labour Government has run its course, and NZ knows it. 
The latest nonsense by Hipkins saying the possible change of government will be the most divisive is rich coming from him!
There is not a single portfolio that Hipkins has ever been in charge of that can report a better outcome for kiwis. Not a single one.
NZ appears to be well and truely done with Labour (despite the stupidity of the polls)
Talking of these so called election polls, they are about as reliable as the MSM (Main Stream Media) in NZ. 
The growing issue we are finding after talking with the man on the ground is that whilst everyone is looking ahead to a change at the election, the uncertainly over exactly what that change will look like is the bigger problem. 
National, with Luxon at the helm are just not getting the traction they need. Its a bigger issue than just Luxon, its the continued woke bullshit and rhetoric that keeps coming from both the major parties – they just seem to aligned.
Where is the National Party hammering away on all the late night last minute Bills that keep getting past under urgency? They seem to just be letting them slide on through. 
ACT find themselves looking very arrogant, and after years of building a base, they seem to be now tripping over themselves. 
Labours joke of an announcement that they ruled out NZF / Winston Peters is indictivitve of the media in this country – Mr Peters made it very clear some 6 months ago that he had ruled out Labour. Once again the the MSM in this country is all about spin, rather than facts. 
Why is Luxon not saying his views on NZF? Simple, as he is making sure that should he need NZF, he wont have ruled them out. 
The more this goes on, it looks like a hung parliament, with minor parties opting to sit on the cross benches. 
If its a 3 way MMP power share, with National, ACT and NZF, there is no way ACT will be able to work with NZF / Winston Peters…. After all David Seymour has stated that categorically so many times. 

Interesting times ahead. 
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