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A Few Points Worth Noting
As per yesterday’s post, Marc Spring sat through a day and half of Blomfield V Slater, which after 11 years finally made it to a trial of sorts in the High Court in Auckland. 
Mr Blomfield attempted, by seeking leave of the court, to have admitted into evidence the stories this blog has posted. 
His application for leave was promptly declined by the presiding Judge, despite a huge folder being presented at court with print outs of the stories. We would be interested to know which stores he ‘cherry picked’ to further his cause, as you can bet it won’t be all of them! Perhaps Mr Blomfield can write to us pointing out his concerns. Suffice to say neither Spring nor this blog are defendants in Blomfield V Slater so it can only be described as a ‘Hail Mary’ at best. 
Another false allegation was made against this blog yesterday, and that was that the stories here are just regurgitated versions of the old Whale Oil blog site.
That is simply a lie, and Mr Blomfield knows that. 
This site was started to put right the lies, and deception that has been promoted through the publication of the Whale Oil book, authored by Margie Thomson, and published by Potton & Burton. Yesterday’s court hearing showed exactly what the idea of the book was, and that was Blomfield asking the Judge to read the book. A book critical of the courts, a book that was not properly researched, a book that is a real flop in terms of sales, a book that’s an opinion piece – nothing more. 
This site has evolved into posting on political matters of national importance and exposing the issues NZ is facing as a society. 
Willy Akel, a lawyer with some of the countries best credentials, and knowledge in the area of defamation law quite rightly pointed out that nowhere could he find a Plaintiff that has written a book about their case without actually having a determination by a Judge once the substantive hearing had been completed after all the evidence had been heard. 
As many of you know Spring and two others were successful in taking claims against the author and publishers due to the false and defamatory content that was in the book called Whale Oil. 
Lets not forget either, that author, Margie Thomson made no contact with Spring, or the others who ultimately sued (and won via out of court settlements), so she therefore hardly made much of an effort to obtain both sides views, or what the real truth is.
Spring says “I had written to the publisher prior to the books release offering material for consideration, and they were not interested, and then post the publication I have supplied hundreds of pages of documents, mainly from the NZ Police which prove beyond any doubt that the books contents were wrong, in fact deliberately wrong… I hold a file in particular that is 765 pages long with Police interviews and internal notes made by the NZ Police, which at some point when the time is right I will publish those files with notes and information how they are applicable to what the author and publishers deliberately missed” 
The 765 page file was offered to the author, Margie Thomson, however she was not interested in reading it. 
We also heard yesterday more nonsense about gangs so we will be posting about that next. 
This site will continue when required, to keep posting stories to correct the constant stream of lies that have perpetuated on Spring and others.
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