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Another High Court Trial, Another Lie under Oath

Why Just Keep Making Shit Up?
First it was the utter nonsense of the Whale Oil book, authored by Margie Thomson, published by Potton and Burton, legally checked by alleged defamation expert and lawyer Steven Price, and then promoted by a desperate media. Lets not forget Nicky Hagar‘s front cover endorsement for something he knows nothing about.
That was before the substantial payouts starting happening, where multiple parties sued for defamation, and breach of privacy. We bet Margie Thomson regrets the day she decided to not call any of the those defamed by her literally prose that is the failed disaster book called Whale Oil – maybe that’s why Ms Thomson sat quietly in the back of Courtroom 9 listening to the trial for Blomfield V Slater, as should that case falter, her issues with the Whale Oil book have only just begun. After all who writes a book like Whale Oil when the substantive hearing had not been determined? 
If ever there was an embarrassment in the NZ literary world, then the Whale Oil book is it! 
What is it with Mathew Blomfield, lies, fabrication, and spinning bullshit under oath? Margie Thomson was either blind and naive, or she deliberately ignored the substantive facts. 
Let’s take a look at yet another load of perjurious nonsense whilst Blomfield was giving evidence in the High Court at Auckland recently.
The case in question is the decade old defamation claim – Blomfield V Slater which started back in 2012. 
As previously reported by this site, who takes over a decade to clear their name of alleged defamatory content posted on the internet! 
Back to what happened the day Marc Spring was in the the High Court listening to Matthew Blomfield give evidence under oath, while he was being examined by William Akel, a Barrister with pedigree that is second to none in the legal sphere of defamation law in NZ.
Spring says “whilst nothing under oath in a proceeding is liable due to absolute privilege, perjury is ever present” 
Back prior to the Whale Oil book being released, Blomfield took a much needed overseas holiday with his kids, and good on him as time with kids is important. 
On arrival back in NZ, Blomfield claims he was detained by NZ Customs, and that NZ Customs wanted to see the copy of the Whale Oil book transcript he had in his possession. 
How do we know? The NZ media, whom Mr Blomfield coverts, reported on the matter
Above we have 3 stories that were reported by the MSM, not to mention Wellington based lawyer Felix Geiringer feverishly tweeting up a storm for his client at the time. 
Can anyone point us to any comment by Blomfield as to the allegations he made in the High Court about Spring, where Spring has supposedly called NZ Customs saying that Blomfield was carrying drugs? What about Felix Geigringer, as he to has made some disgraceful unsubstantiated allegations about Spring, including that he holds evidence about Spring with regard to the Ned Paraha incident. Spring says “Geirginger may have fooled the Law Society as they are idiots, but if Felix had any genuine evidence he would have shared it with the NZ Police, so suffice to say he’s just full of shit” 
The answer is a very simply one – NO. No such evidence exists as it simply did not happen. 
Here is a quote from the 1News story…
“Barrister Felix Geiringer yesterday made claims on Twitter in which he relayed the experience of a person he declined to name.
He said the passenger flew into the country over the weekend carrying a manuscript for Margie Thomson’s newly-released book – Whaleoil – which examines the defamation case between Whaleoil publisher Cameron Slater and businessman Matthew Blomfield.
The book is written by Ms Thomson and contains a foreword by investigative journalist and Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager.
Mr Geiringer said the passenger told him he was stopped by Customs and questioned about the manuscript, and offered an account of what allegedly happened, in the passenger’s words:
“They pulled me and my whole family into a side room and insisted on searching our luggage.
“At first, I thought it was just a random search, but it became clear to me that the two officers conducting the search were looking for something specific.
“When they found the manuscript they started questioning me about it – they wanted to know what the book was about. I told them the details were embargoed and I could not discuss it, but they wouldn’t let it go.
“They wanted to know the title of the book. They told me they wouldn’t let us through Customs unless I told them. They told me I would receive a hefty fine for refusing to tell them”.  
So hang on, Mathew Blomfield inveigled his own kids into the story he promoted as evidence when being questioned under oath by William Akel in the High Court. 
What is it with all the lies?
Spring, after hearing the false, and defamatory allegations made by Blomfield in the High Court, contacted NZ Customs via a Privacy Act request to see if any such information or evidence was available that NZ Customs could have relied upon to conduct the search on Blomfield when he arrived back in NZ, as Blomfield has claimed under oath that Spring ’tipped’ customs off that Blomfield and his own kids were allegedly carrying drugs. 
NZ Customs Manager, Debbie Kay, who is in charge of Correspondence, Reviews, and Ministerial Servicing has today replied to Springs Privacy Act request advising him that no such information or evidence is held by NZ Customs. 
Spring had requested copies of emails, text messages, phone calls, audio recordings, transcripts, letters, internet and website forms, or any correspondence of any kind that has Spring’s name on it. Simply put, NZ Customs have nothing as it NEVER happened. 
The above extract from the 1News article from 29 May, 2019 has no mention what so ever of drugs, kids, or any type of search other than NZ Customs wanting to look at the Whale Oil book transcript. 
Since these three articles were written, and since Wellington based lawyer, Felix Geiringer made use if his Twitter account to ask questions of NZ Customs, why is it that 4 years later, Mr Blomfield felt the need to change his story? 
The New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties had this to say…  
“Rather it seems like an attempt to collect political intelligence and/or intimidate those involved with the production of the book. As such it is an attack on the right to freedom of expression”.    
Spring says “I challenge Blomfield to provide the evidence he claims to have, as it must exist for him to be able to make such bold claims whilst under oath in a High Court proceeding, and for him to contact each of the above publications and tell them what they have reported is factually incorrect, as it cant be both”.  We all know that will never happen. 
It’s just another example of baseless allegations that swirl around Mathew Blomfield and his never ending changing version of events when it comes to Marc Spring. 
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