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The Green Party Support

Wealth Tax !
People have been wondering how on earth the Green Party have been strengthening their voter base.
Who is bat shit crazy enough to support them? It certainly won’t be ‘white cis males’. 
The traditional Green Party as we know it, for the most part is no longer. 
The Greens have been around a lot longer than people realise, as they got their start as The Values Party back in 1972 at Victoria University in Wellington.
The current so called Green Party is now a ‘green with envy’ party – and it’s all about tax.
Watching Labours David Parker have his little hissy fit and chuck his toys from his pram showed the true colours of Labour as he’s all about wealth tax too, so it’s no wonder voters have headed to the Greens. 
Hipkins is currently quashing any chat that a wealth tax is in the Labour Party’s plans moving forward.
We would say Hipkins is simply just electioneering to stay relevant in the race he’s losing badly.
With the likely change of government, Hipkins will be dumped on his ass as Leader. 
Hipkins , 8 months into his role as an unelected caretaker PM must think kiwis have short memories about his roles in so many failed ministerial portfolios. 
The knives are out for Chippy, and he knows it. 
Word is Parker is eyeing a tilt at the Leadership and he’s already made his thoughts well known on a wealth tax. No doubt he will be looking to recoup the lost support base that Labour once had. 
The question is, will those who have defected to the Green Party return? 

The ‘saving grace’ as they say for the electorate is that what ever votes the Greens attract on polling day, it won’t make any difference as they will be sitting in opposition. 
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