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All This Media Talk of the Coaltion of Chaos of the Right – What Would the Left Know?

What Is It With The Bias Of The MSM In NZ? Some Facts Would Be Nice For A Change.
For weeks now all we have heard is Chris Hipkins and his incompetent Ministers grandstanding about the supposed upcoming coalition of chaos… of course Hipkins knows he is headed to political oblivion. 
The incumbent, unelected caretaker PM needs to be reminded that he has been part of a 1 party majority of utter chaos, and look how that has played out. 
The current 2020 elected government has in one term destroyed NZ… No coalition partners needed. 
Hipkins can’t manage his own people, so how could he contemplate running a coalition? 
A quick look at ALL Chris Hipkins Ministerial Portfolios he has held should be a very good indicator of his competency, or in this case, lack there of! 
Hipkins has been in charge of some of the most vital portfolios, including Health, Covid, Education, Police and State Services, which are now the worst performing Ministries in NZ history. 
Lets take a look at the last 2 elections in NZ – 2017 and 2020. 
The 2017 election became a Labour Party and NZ First coalition, with confidence and supply from the Greens – during those 3 years there was no complaints about NZ First and Winston Peters. It’s only recently that the current unelected, caretaker PM, Chris Hipkins, has decided to make out that he has been in coalition before with NZ First, and that Winston Peters was a difficult person to deal with. Hipkins needs to outline those issues as this is the first we have heard of it. 
When you are desperate, as Chris Hipkins is, you no longer care about consequences, and he clearly willing to take the electorate places others would not dare… that is a coalition of Labour, the Greens, and Te Pati Maori. 
It was not that long ago that the SFO attacked NZ First and its Foundation, but in the end found nothing wrong. 
Sources say that the SFO investigation was a coordinated attack by the then PM, Jacinda Ardern to rid herself of NZ First and Winston Peters. 
We must not forget Hipkins has his current role as PM thanks to Winston Peters. Where is the man’s gratitude? 
On reflection 2020 was a ‘lucky’ year for Jacinda Ardern, as she had the Covid pandemic to support her in obtaining a majority government in NZ. The first under MMP. 
So that begs the question… how can Chris Hipkins keep making the claims that a coalition of chaos is the only outcome for the 2023 election if National, Act and NZ First are elected?
Has Labour been in a coalition with the Green Party and Te Pati Maori before? The answer is no! 
So how can Hipkins and Labour claim that they are a better option? 
What past track record can Hipkins point to that would say that a Labour, Green Te Pati Maori coalition is a stable governing option for the voters of NZ? 
Why is the MSM (Main Stream Media) constantly regurgitating the rhetoric of Hipkins without taking a comprehensive look into the players that could (won’t) make a left leaning government? 
Imagine dealing with CV fabricator James Shaw, white cis male hater Marama Davidson, and the two Maori Party leaders who have never been in any sort of government agreement, whether it be a coalition partner, or a party that supplies confidence and supply. 
We know Te Pati co-leader Rawiti Waititi has no regard what so ever for the way in which parliamentary privilege works, as he recently breached name suppression ahead of a sexual abuse trial – where was his thoughts for the victims of sexual abuse with that grandstanding? How could Hipkins and Labour trust such ‘firebrand’ politics? 
The manipulation by a ‘bought and paid for media’ who have enjoyed the PIJF, and the ridiculous Covid advertising spent by the encumbant government to keep the dying NZ Media landscape alive is just astounding. 
The current Labour government only has a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement with the Green Party. Nothing more as they dont need them. 
How can Hipkins claim that the right leaning coalition of National, ACT and NZ First will be chaotic, when he has NEVER been in a coalition himself with the Greens and Te Pati Maori? 
Yet Hipkins was in a coalition with NZ First to form a government in 2017 and he never complained. 
The 2020 agreement between Labour and the Greens was a simple ‘cooperation deal’ – nothing more.
Clearly the left leaning dumbass NZ media is still trying to sway the election outcome. 
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