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NZ Is a Democracy

Chilling from Te Pati Maori
ACT released:
“Rawiri Waititi says that he isn’t a fan of democracy, calling it the tyranny of the majority, but also championing a system where the majority can banish your whole family. It goes to show for all his theatrics, Waititi doesn’t get democracy or human rights,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.
“When asked by Newshub what he would do if he could change Parliament, Waititi said “I’m not a fan of democracy, because democracy is a tyranny of the majority. I think Māori had a form of democracy where the collective made a decision…. If you didn’t uphold what the community wanted you were gone, not just you, your whole whanau was gone. You’re out.”
“This is a chilling statement from an elected Member of Parliament, who is again running in a democratic general election.
If Labour get re-elected, they will be dependent on the Māori Party and Greens to govern.
It is amazing to have a parliamentary party leader say they are not a fan of democracy. Even more amazing is that this is not the lead item on every news site. It would be if a leader of a centre-right party had said it.
Wow – but TPM and its leaders have no problem taking the huge parliamentary salary afforded to them.
With the Labour Party candidates ahead in the 3 TPM electorates this type of political grandstanding will see TPM out of Parliament on October 14.
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