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Jack Tame, Winston Peters & Tony Soprano

Via Fran O’Sullivan this morning 

“And from the “I couldn’t resist” category, Peters has been trotting out the moniker “Philadelphia lawyer” for much of his parliamentary career. Often — as when he used it to disparage Jack Tame on TVNZ’s Q+A programme — it is meant to slag off a journalist as a “nit-picker”. Someone who doesn’t see the big picture and is instead annoyingly focused on minutiae. A person out to trip up the politician up with “gotcha” questions.

Tame should be grateful.

The most colourful use of the term came in an episode of The Sopranos, where Tony, “recognising that being weak means death in his world, decides he must beat up the meathead who is now his bodyguard in front of the crew”.

What does Tony call him? “A f***ing Philadelphia lawyer.” 

Tame got off lightly.”

Winston Peters will have many peoples votes for him to become the Minister for Broadcasting, and give the boot to these repeating shills masquerading as journalists. 

Tame claimed Peters was threatening him … No Jack, Winston was promising you. 
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