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Ardern’s Legacy Extinguished

When looking back at who is likely the most despised PM in New Zealand history, the legacy of what was known as Jacindamania is now extinguished. 
It will be a period in NZ history that wont be remembered kindly. 
The 2017 Labour government coalition with NZ First will be remembered as a quiet one, with NZ First applying a steady hand where required. 
Remember, there were no complaints about Winston Peters or NZ First during the first term, those only surfaced during the election campaign for the just completed 2023 election as desperation sunk in. 
2020 arrived, NZ First were mired in a SFO investigation, that in the end saw Labour and National as the guilty parties. The word from our sources in Wellington is that it was Ardern herself who seized upon the electoral issues and saw it as a chance to rid herself of NZ First. Initially it worked. 
With Arderns global social media frenzy in full swing, she captured the hearts and minds of a nation, and swept to power as a single party in control in an MMP election. The first time ever for NZ since MMP became how we vote in 1996. 
Covid arrived, and the Labour government had the media eating out of its hand. Ardern could do no wrong. But now we know that media was a ‘bought and paid for media’ with tax payers cash. 
But in the background a dirty underbelly was brewing, an attempt to take NZ back into a type of communist state. Racial divide like we have never seen it, and near on utter destruction of the NZ economy. The compliant bias media aiding the destruction every step of the way. 
Ardern, knowing her time was up, she resigned and left the mess she created to Chris Hipkins. 
Hipkins of course was a fellow architect in the demise of NZ as we knew it. 
The total demolition of the Labour Party by the voters extinguished Arderns legacy – it was quite clear that Arderns NZ was not the NZ we wanted. 
Hipkins crocodile tears on the election night stage was just embarrassing… Hipkins was every bit a part of the Ardern era, and his tears were ones of dread knowing he had been found out, and, that once a new government was formed, his parties dirty deeds and inept management were going to be laid bare for all of NZ to see. 
The coming Covid enquiry will open NZ’s eyes to what has really gone on, and it does not look pretty. It wont be the legacy Ardern wanted. 
The coming opening of the countries books, and the confirmation of the fiscal mess left by the utterly incompetent Labour Party will see that kiwis for years, if not generations to come, will realise that the foundations that were laid were, in 3 short years decimated by those with an agenda that was never an elected one. 
Goodbye Labour – we suspect your party is about to fall apart. 
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