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Anyone Know about the $160 Billion?

The Auditor-General in their annual report states:

This year we continued to focus on improvements needed to the information that public organisations provide about their performance. It is still too hard to tell what New Zealanders are receiving for about $160 billion of central government expenditure each year, and whether it represents value for money. I have raised this matter in several of my reports, as well as directly with the Officers of Parliament Committee. In my view, fundamental changes are needed to the system for how public organisations are required to report on performance, to ensure that the public sector meets the accountability requirements of a 21st century New Zealand. This is an important and urgent matter.

So we are spending $160 billion a year and the Auditor-General is saying he can’t tell if it is value for money and that fundamental reform is needed as both an important and urgent matter.

 This should be a major story that needs investigating by the incoming government 

It’s quite incredible that this issue has been raised in several AG reports and nothing has been done about it. 

This is just further confirmation of the incompetence of the last Labour government.

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