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Plastic Maori – Matthew Tukaki

CV Bullshit Artist Who Needs to Be Held Accountable.
With Oranga Tamariki now failing, and being highlighted as an agency designed to cover up failings of kiwi kids, we have to ask what happened to Matthew Tukaki!
With gusto, and bravado, Tukaki burst onto the scene as a rich Maori, a man with cash, and connections to burn.
He ‘claimed’ he led Drake International through the 2008 GFC.
What a hero!
Uh oh, he was their janitor? 
Tukaki boasted a CV that convinced the dumbest of PMs that New Zealand has ever seen …. Jacinda Ardern. He struck at the dead right time.
With 57 deaths of beautiful children (Maori), what did this guy actually do?
Tukaki is just a ‘mouth piece’’ using his people to make money. 
Tukaki, a rockstar on ZB as part of the famed “Huddle’, … part of a crew that reported straight into Jacinda Ardern. 
His claims of being of the head of Drake International during the GFC were lapped up by media sycophants. Where is he now? Why did nobody check ?
In reality he created ‘Maori on Maori’ wars and agendas where he used social media pursue his agenda.
Kevin Davis backed this guy, thank god he is out of government.
Have the kids stopped dying??? NO!!! 
Tukaki is a disgrace. Kelvin Davis is a disgrace. Tukaki achieved nothing other than filling his own bank account.
Kids died thanks to people like Tukaki – people appointed to achieve better outcomes, when the reality is they had absolutely no idea what they were doing. 
The Labour Government, after a 1News investigation found that no checks were done into Tukakis background, so what were they thinking? 
Dont forget Tukaki claimed to be the Head of the Maori Council, but he was just a Director. 
As for Kelvin Davis, the then Minister for Children, he claimed there was no requirement to check Tukakis work history… still you have to ask what ‘work history’ was there to check. 
Tukaki was found to have over charged Oranga Tamariki by nearly $60,000 …. He did pay it back, but how much dont we dont know about? 
Hey Matthew Tukaki – just need that confirmed CV!
The suffering for kids continues…  it’s time to scrap Oranga Tamariki
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