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Is Marc Spring Destined for Politics?

Spring has yet to decide if its what he will take on next
Spring says “irons are in the fire baby” – he also knows that his possible run could put the shits up a few people, but he is unphased. 
Politics is brutal, dirty, but rewarding. We know Spring loves a challenge.
When we quizzed him on a potential tilt at heading to Wellington, he quipped “let me finish being a lay litigant and a private prosecutor as I have a few matters to complete first, they are my priority”
We know that Spring is passionate about the Family Court (we are about to delve deep into this area with his knowledge), he’s also very much interested in justice for the little guy. 
Spring is also very keen to make sure that NZ does not become a global laughing stock – although he, and many others sadly think we are likely already there. 
A stauch opponent of the Ardern government in many respects, Spring says “what NZ was put though was frankly deplorable, man V man, friend V friend, business V business… so f**king wrong”
Time for change is upon us, and the direction that National, Act and NZ First attempt to take us will determine a few factors for a lot of people.
With the special votes in, its now a 3 horse race with National, Act and NZF – one cant but wonder if both National and Act went a bit early in saying they could form a government – thats now quite clearly not the case. 
The left seem to be completely broken, with the Greens taking the harder left position, and TPM taking over the Maori seats. But maybe the ‘lurch’ to the left will be too much to stomach for most of NZ, and they will stay quite fragmented for some time. 
The media landscape should carry plenty of the blame as to how our nation has been shaped in the Ardern era, and it certainly has not been beneficial to all of NZ. 
Spring says “a comprehensive review of the previous Labour government spending with the NZ media, and the PIJF needs to be undertaken by the new government to help us further understand not only the division that many MSM outlets participated in, but just how dire financially these so called media giants are currently in, as it appears that most took the money to simply stay alive when being insolvent was what they really were/are ”
No media outlets should be reliant on the government to stay trading. 
The next few weeks and months will forge the way forward for years to come, and no doubt help the minds of many as to how they want to be involved in a better NZ. Especially those considering moving into politics.
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