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What Qualification Does It Take To Be Finance Minister

After The Last 6 Years Would Anyone Be Better?
In terms of education and qualifications it appears that almost anyone can be a Finance Minister in NZ. 
Grant Robertson – Bachelor of arts with honours
Nicola Willis – First class honours in English literature, and a post graduate diploma in journalism

David Seymour – Bachelor of engineering (electrical and electronic), and a Bachelor of arts

The horrific disaster that was Grant Robertson is now global embarrassment, massive debt, high inflation, and a spiralling cost of living crisis – thats not to mention the advisors and consultants that Robertson had running around in the background, or his relationship with Reserve Bank Governor, Adrian Orr, which was anything but arms length. 
So that brings us to the 2 possibles, Nicola Willis and David Seymour. What will make these 2 any different or any better, as quite clearly both have very little experience at any roles that would make them capable of running the Finance portfolio. Let alone a country that fiscally is in such dire straights, with years of pain and debt burden to correct. 
Christopher Luxon should choose very wisely his Cabinet and Ministers, as neither Willis or Seymour are a Bill English or Michael Cullen. 
Maybe someone else will take the Finance portfolio. 
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