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Luxon Is…The Weakest Link

While the whingers of NZ run around blaming Winston Peters, let's think about this in a ‘factual' fashion.
On election night both National and Act seemed to claim premature victory. 
Neither National, nor Act factored in the ’Special Votes”. 
Why? They are either to stupid, or to arrogant… but probably both. 
How did NZ First and Winston Peters make it back? The answer is VERY simple. 
Both National and Act ran a poor election campaign. 
Winston did Winston, and National and Act did not resonate well enough with the voters. 
Luxon talked a big game, but he refused to teach the electorate a lesson of what Labour was really about… he is about as pathetic and woke as they come.
Seymour proved he is just too arrogant, and tripped over his own stupidity, effectively grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. Act’s poll result was dismal on the night.
National, with Luxon at the helm, proved they could not capitalise on the epic failure that the last Labour Party had become.
The realisation that National needs NZ First should have been very apparent on the night. 
Bravo to the voters who saw that both National and Act would not make it, thus needing NZ First to allow a possible right leaning parliament. 
It’s not that Winston and NZ First stole the votes. They reinvigorated their growing ‘core’ of support. The problem is that both National and Act could NOT convert that vote back to them.
With negotiations in full swing. The “Luxon’ factor clearly counts for nothing.
The National Party election promise of tax cuts is a flop. A ‘no go’ it seems. 
Why you ask? Its another inflationary pressure we dont need.
NZ needs to get the cost of living crisis under control, and a tax cut is more likely inflationary. 
The incoming government needs to look at the reducing the cost of living crisis, making economic decisions that help the banks reduce rates, and increase productivity. 
Luxon campaigned on a poorly advised tax cut, and the funding of the tax cut appears to be dead in the water because it simply does not add up. 
Arrogance is on display for all to see, as what the ‘offshore investor $2m home model’ shows is that National thought NZ First was never going to be in the mix. 
It’s well known Winston Peters is no fan of the foreign buyer.
We have to wonder how Luxon thinks the housing crisis would be fixed by cashing thousands of kiwi homes to offshore buyers who likely wont do much for the NZ recovery, or economy. 
As for Luxon now not attending APEC, that’s his first induction into the negotiating table post election. 
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