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Bring on the COVID Enquiry Looking into DJs

From Tudor Clee – Lawyer 

As filed by the Government at High Court, it was “fair and rational” to ban pregnant kiwis coming back while letting in DJs.

The High Court was told it was “lawful, fair and rational” to force pregnant kiwi citizens to give birth in dangerous situations. 


And they considered the international obligations? 

The real zinger is the important “social, economic, and political matters” at play that are best left to “senior decision makers who have available to them all relevant information”

So how did the DJs get in? 

There must have been thorough analysis of their social and economic benefit right? 

Turns out it never happened – that information doesn’t even exist! The OIA request proves that. 

So pregnant kiwi women were expected to send their entire gynaecological history to total randoms ‘assessing’ them (with no medical qualifications) while DJs didn’t have to show what their “benefit” was at all.

Just to be clear – I (Tudor Clee) viewed these applications including history of miscarriages, STI’s etc.. all being sent to these unqualified people to ‘assess’, then ban the mother returning. 

Yet DJs provided…. nothing?

So the ‘senior decision makers’ had no information, but made space for 64 foreign dudes to fly in and out up to 3 times a year. 

If no social or economic benefit – does that mean it was political? 

Bread and circuses. Causing permanent physical and psychological damage to kiwi women, and damaging the citizenship rights of their babies, was a ‘political’ decision to ensure teenagers on MDMA could see a guy playing on a laptop with sound coming out of it.

Sounds “lawful fair and rational” to me.

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