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Will Karma Catch Up with Jacinda Ardern?

As coalition talks and agreements reach the final stages, the nightmare for Jacinda Ardern is only just beginning. 
Ardern in her wildest dreams would never have thought that NZ would vote NZ First and Winston Peters back in.
The 2020 election, and what transpired for NZ First will now be playing on her mind. 
We’ve been talking with Labour Party sources who were used, and abused by Ardern, where promises were made, and where Ardern then failed to deliver on those promises.
As one source said “she just lied to me, promised me so much, when in reality she never had any intention of making good or keeping her promises”.
Now, some of these Labour Party MPs from her Cabinet are saying they know where the skeltons are buried, and they are giving that information to some who will be inside the next Government Cabinet.
Certain incoming Cabinet Minsters are relishing the chance to air the real truth about what has gone on during the Ardern dictatorship.
Ardern has virtually disappeared from view, she was almost completely out the picture during the failed Labour Party election campaign, except for her 1 online video she posted on social media. We canvassed that video and found that most comments posted on Ardern’s page were negative towards her, with more than a fair share saying good riddance, and you fucked our country… What a legacy. 
No wonder Ardern took a back seat in the campaign as she now knows that her days are over, and her star power is now a thing of the past, and her limelight is now extinguished. 
Bring on the Covid enquiry.
Bring on the Media enquiry.
May the buried bodies return to the surface. 
Karma is a bitch – welcome to catch up! 
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