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Back to the Future?

Sometimes one must go back… to go forward. 
Woke is dead. 
NZ has drifted down a path that has destroyed reality. 
Sad, but true.
The ‘Ardern years’ have failed. 
NZ is a shambles. FACT. 
Debt is out of control, kids are being murdered at an alarming rate, the cost of living is through the roof, poverty is growing, immigration is skyrocketing, migration is accelerating. 
Cost of living is killing us. Families are struggling.
Crime is rampant. 
The Courts are clogged.
It’s time for NZ to focus on what it’s about, remove anything Ardern, and refocus on what we should, and could have been. 
We now have an ‘inter-generational’ issue. 
Make NZ great again. 
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