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The Price of Fame

As the employment case of “Wiles v Auckland University” wound down to a close after days of tears, tantrums and walk outs by the plaintiff, it raises some interesting questions. Not just on employment law, but just what exactly Ms Wiles was promoting as a fame seeker.
Day in day out she made sure she was front and centre on the TV, on radio, on social media – pushing the vaccine with her so called expertise … 
Now she’s whinging that her employer,  Auckland University, should have been providing her with security amongst other things. 
Yet nowhere have we seen where she has an employment contract that allows her to be her employers national mouthpiece on all things Covid. She decided to take on that role.
In the hearing Ms Wiles stated –
 1. She is vaccinated 
 2. She’s not had Covid
 3. She fears catching Covid
 4. She fears long Covid 
 5. She is in a ‘group’ of the population who is likely to have bigger issues when suffering from Covid (assume she means underlying health issues) 
During the hearing she complained she was the only one wearing a mask, yet at the start of Covid she did not advocate for masks to be worn.
Ms Wiles is so pro the vaccine, promoted it daily as a life saver and so many people could die…so why now 3 years later does she fear Covid so much ? After all she must be double vaccinated and boosted!! 
It’s not like any of the high death rates she opined about have eventuated… In fact far from it. 
Let’s not forget she cycled across town to sit on a beach during a lockdown … with no mask on.
Frankly it’s just theatre looking for a sympathetic Judge.
You have to feel for Auckland University as their resources would be better directed elsewhere.
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