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Winston Peters and Shane Jones to Drain the Media Swamp

The words ‘drain the swamp’ made famous by the 45th President of the United States of America – Donald Trump.
NZ needs its media swamp drained. 
The first casualty of the media swamp that needs draining is Andrew Shaw from NZ On Air after he abruptly resigned yesterday. 

A NZ On Air board member has resigned after making a social media post calling new Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters’ attack on media independence “malicious” and him being “the worst of this gang of thugs”.

The comment comes after, in each of the first two days of the new Government being sworn in, Peters has attacked the media and made inaccurate statements about public funding, even including accusations of taking bribes.

NZ On Air board member Andrew Shaw, a screen sector consultant who has previously worked as a television host, posted today on social media: “Winston Peters attack’s independence of media [sic]. He’s not truthful. He’s not accurate. He’s malicious and he is here on behalf of international tobacco. His return is the worst of this gang of thugs.”

After questions from Newshub to NZ On Air about the post it disappeared.

In a statement to the Herald, Shaw said he “unreservedly apologises” for his comments about Peters.

He said he accepted it was the “absolutely the wrong thing to publish” his personal political views and tendered his resignation immediately.

Who resigns for making comments they believe are true? Simple…Andrew Shaw resigned as he made up his boastful allegations against Mr Peters. 
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