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Triple Dipping by Media Firms during COVID at the Tax Payers Expense

Fact – the Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF) was $55,000,000.00
Fact – the spend on Unite against Covid campaigns $116,603,499.00
Fact – NZME Print took $364,718.00 in wage subsidy 
Fact – NZME Radio took $3,354,606.16 in wage subsidy
Fact – NZME Holdings took $388,197.20 in wage subsidy
Fact – Stuff took $6,211,233.68 in wage subsidy 
The above figures are just a snap shot of the wage subsidy, as many more of the media outlets also took up the wage subsidy. It does appear the ‘big 2’ benefitted handsomely from this cosy arrangement. 
But, when looked at in terms of how much money was spent to prop up these so called media outlets, its staggering to see that they were really ’triple dipping’ as they had the wage subsidy, advertising revenue, along with access to the PIJF.
The long suffering tax payer has funded all these so called ‘media outlets’ to promote a message that suited the government narrative. Winston Peters was right to call them out, and it was a breath of fresh air to see PM, Christopher Luxon backing Peters yesterday. 
The screen shot below confirms that under Ardern, the audio as played by Mike Hosking, proves that the PIJF was set up to promote her government’s ideology. 
The question remains to answered as to exactly how good the deal was for the tax payer on the $116,603,499.00 that was spent on ‘Covid’ messaging – did we get a discount? What was the rate card verses spend, what was the actual value the government received for its spend on our behalf? 
Our source tells us the Labour government paid full retail with no questions asked… our guess is to prop up these ailing media dinosaurs. How broke are they? 
The looming investigation into the media and these payouts will need to be scrutinised to every single last cent. Perhaps the tax payer is due a refund. 
*Information for this story was taken from an Official Information Act request, and the IRD wage subsidy via employer search.
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