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Support of Free Speech Banned by Labour If the Govt Is a Shareholder

We love our supporters, and there are plenty! 
Some of these supporters are vocal, and some are not, but want to be. 
Where the real concern sits is with the supporters who have successful businesses, who want to be heard, but have contracts with other businesses who have the government as a shareholder.
Their contracts stipulate that nobody who owns, runs, or works for the company can engage any sort of social media that sees them promoting anything that could be seen as anti government, anti reality, or anti truth. Effectively you can say nothing about anything. 
What the f**k have we become? 
So now government affiliated businesses that give out contracts have stipulations in them that effectively prevents free speech if you want to work for them,.. 
This is a hang over from the last Labour government.
During the past week while out and about, a reader of this blog congratulated us on the stories that have been posted, and told us that due to his work contacts (despite being a business owner and having won contracts on a competitive basis), that he was sorry he was not sharing the stories, as that could cause him hassles with his contracts. 
This kind of insidious rot that has crept into NZ is alarming, and deeply concerning. 
Freedom of speech is under attack. That is NOT democracy. 
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