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Liz Gunn… On the Run

First it was two million votes…
Now it’s the ‘whistle blower’ of the century. 
It’s hard to figure out Gunn’s strategy.
Sure, she has this so called MoH guy called Winston, I mean Barry Young. 
Young, a Te Whatu Ora worker has been charged with accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes. 
Liz Gunn called her recent revelations the MOAR – Mother Of All Releases (about Covid) 
Young is in custody, and Gunn is on the run. So much for standing tall alongside her man. 
One part of the case that will be fascinating to play out is why Young was remanded in custody while the Police execute a search warrant at Young’s address. 
Surely an alleged Covid conspiracy theorist hardly needs to be locked up overnight while the Police go though his home. 
It all seems very heavy handed. 
Still, if Gunn had any idea on exposing what she says has gone on with Covid, one must ask how many times she must get her ‘execution plan’ wrong. 

In the meantime Gunn is on the run, and Young is in his 6 x 4 concrete bunker. 
More to come. 
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