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What Did Today’s Protest Actually Achieve?

A bit of traffic congestion and not much else. 
This government is just a week old, about to be sworn in, and its a meaningless protest to get things moving. 
TPM should be proud of the 5 seats they took in the last election, and they should be ready to do the work their voters want them to do.
We didn’t see any campaigning saying ‘vote for us as we will just protest for 3 years’.
TPM now have the job to sit across in opposition, as thats how the NZ people voted. 
They have 3 years to prove that their 5 electorate seat holders can create a path that would see the voter base grow. 
Constantly playing the victim card and in-sighting rebellion is not what democracy is about. 
Shane Jones was on point this morning on TV1 – video below. 
TPM have variously said they wont swear allegiance to the King – thats fine. 
However there should be consequences for that, including no salary, no access to government buildings, and no access to parliamentary services of any kind. 
The main stream media have yet to report that Maori via the new 3 way coalition are better represented than the last 6 years. The latest Cabinet line up has 35% of the Ministers being Maori, up from 28% during the last Labour government. 
TPM made their campaign one that saw them counted out. That’s on them. 
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