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Who Funded the Book – Whale Oil?

Promoted as a ‘masterpiece of meticulous research’ on the books front cover, and praised by a gullible media, this sites through investigations have proven the book is anything but. 
Official Information Act and Privacy Act requests are a godsend as they reveal the truth. It’s a shame Margie Thomson never bothered to obtain any. 
The shame of the lawyers involved like Steven Price, has caused them so much embarrassment amongst their legal fraternity peers. After all, what sort of lawyer signs off a book without checking and cross referencing the evidence? That person is Wellington University law lecturer, and Barrister, Steven Price. 
With the insurance payouts, and massive legal bills for the both the author, Margie Thomson, and the publisher, Potton & Burton, it has become clear that this book was just a work of fiction.
As previously reported, the book was recently asked to be introduced into evidence during the September 2023 defamation case – Blomfield V Slater. A so called ‘high profile’ case that took over a decade to even make it to trial, and as yet has no substantive judgement. So ‘high profile’ that no media were present during the 2 days of absolute boredom that was the substantive hearing, yet in another High Court matter involving substantial unpaid tax, the defamation claim and been classed as victory by Blomfield. That is clearly misleading, and the High Court has been notified through the appropriate channels. Spring was granted access to the formal Court record by way of an application under the High Court Rules for the unpaid tax case. 
Fortunately with Spring sitting in on the defamation trial of Blomfield V Slater, he was able to point out that the inclusion of the book would be allowing a publication that is known to be false, and defamatory, was being requested to be allowed as evidence. 
This blog was also the subject of a request by Matthew Blomfield, to have its stories placed on the Court file for His Honour to consider. That request was declined. No surprise there. 
That brings us to the question of “who funded the Whale Oil book?” 
Recent communications from sources indicate that a ‘wealthy ex family member from Springs marriage’ was one of, or the person who paid Margie Thomson’s fee. 
At first we were aghast, however on reflection, when one considers that the book was supposed to chronicle Matthew Blomfield’s case against Whale Oil blogger, and journalist Cameron Slater, it is quite obvious that the bulk of the fabricated lies were in fact directed at Marc Spring. 
As previously reported the files supplied to Spring by the NZ Police do not lie – proving he had no involvement in any of the books scurrilous allegations. 
And readers should not forget the story we published after Spring made to the move to talk with a senior gang member to ascertain the truth as to what happened that night at Blomfield’s home. 
When taken into the context of the comment made to Spring by the investigating NZ Police officer, Detective Engelbrecht, that Blomfield’s ’story did not add up’, its glaringly obvious that the real ‘hit job’ was aimed on Spring with book, which is made all the more bizzare, as he simply was interviewed by Slater over his time working alongside Blomfield and Warren Powell from Hell Pizza, in particular the false complaint made by Blomfield to the SFO about Hell, Powell, and Spring. The SFO wasted no time in dismissing the complaint by Blomfield. 
Blomfield knows exactly why Ned Paraha paid him a visit, and the Slater case was just all too convenient.
During the discovery phase of Marc Robert Spring v Margie Thomson (First Defendant), and Potton & Burton (Second Defendant) in the High Court at Auckland, the same ex-family member emails to various parties associated with the legal sign off of the book were disclosed. 
Make no mistake, our investigations are continuing as this book, was in the end, not about the defamation case, but an attempt to cast Spring in a less than satisfactory light. 
Spring, as we know, has once again proven that all that is in the Whale Oil book is nonsense, false, and defamatory… after all, if any of it was true why would the author and publisher settle? One must not forget 2 other successful claims have also been settled with regard to breach of privacy and defamation. 
2024 will bring all this together, as there are 2 other cases currently before the Courts, that when the time is right, we will report on these outcomes. 
The affidavits of the ex family member filed against Spring to assist Blomfield in his case V Slater will be egg on their face. 
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