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The Barry & Liz Show

Barry out on bail.
Gunn is on the run.
Enter the Law & Order music – you’ll know the part we mean. 
But all this raises some pretty interesting questions…
The MoH is hell bent on keeping all this data a secret – why? Global suppression and take down orders… come on. 
We’ve seen some of the data, and the parts we have seen are quite concerning – BUT … we have not seen all the data, so we therefore cant make an informed view. However, we would like to. 
If there is nothing to hide, then just let the NZ public be the judge.
The last Labour government claimed to be the most open and transparent ever…. Snigger. 
Sure, we get the privacy of those patients named in the documents (not that any names seem to have been in any data that was leaked), but those are easily redacted.
Hipkins stands up crowing its all a conspiracy, its all mad people with mad ideas. Which is a bit rich coming from a guy who took part, front and centre of the madness that was Jacinda Ardern. 
Globally there is no denying there is growing disquiet with the vaccine, its roll out, the known affects, and the coming unknown affects.
Why does the MoH just not be open and transparent with the data leak? Take the time to embrace that they have never lied, nor covered anything up. Prove all the so called conspiracy theorists wrong once and for all. 
That would put to rest this whole matter. 
The current situation is just fuel on the fire. 
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