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An Education Overhaul Is Key to Moving NZ Forward

We are going to need to take a long term approach to education in this country. There is no longer a quick fix. 
It is time for an ‘intergenerational’ change. That will take some time to see the fruits of the hard work. 
Erica Stanford has inherited one of the hardest ministerial portfolios this new government has to deal with.
Truancy rates are at some of the highest levels we have ever seen.
Kids are falling through the cracks at an alarming rate. They are lost in system that has virtually zero accountabilty.
Parents are failing their kids, schools are failing their kids, the system is failing these kids. 
The term ‘break the cycle’ could never be more so true. 
Until the kids of NZ are properly educated, and taught from a very young age about good discipline, about turning up on time, and schooled to read and write properly, NZ is doomed in a cycle that we will never escape. 
The welfare system will continue to grow each and every year. 
A total rethink of the entire schooling system is whats required – until that happens, nothing will ever change.
This is going to be a multi billion dollar investment to make the change that is needed – but that investment in the children of today, to be the hard working and prosperous adults of tomorrow is the only way in which NZ will truely see the potential we can be as a nation.
We need a pre school learning system for ALL kids, we need ALL kids to be in school uniforms, we need ALL parents to be held accountable if they do not ensure their kids are doing what they should be doing. 
The state will have to fund these changes – but the long term outcome would benefit all kiwis. 
Parents who have kids have a responsibility, and sadly that personal responsibility is something that is lacking in NZ. 
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