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Lawyer vs Terrorist Advocate

Two trained lawyers.
Winston Peters VS Golriz Ghahraman.
Golriz and the Hamas supporting Greens are pushing for Israel to be sanctioned for Genocide. 
Golriz volunteered as an Intern for the UN for the legal Defence for Radovan Karadžić, who was convicted of genocide and war crimes in the Bosnian war….. that’s right volunteered … for the defence. 
Two trained Lawyers in Parliament, but one is clearly just a political activist who just parrots CNN reports as fact, and diminishes Hamas’ culpability on the 7th of October 2023 sickening attack.
Thank God the Greens have never had a seat at the cabinet table ever since it was established as the Values Party in 1972 at Victoria University in Wellington (sigh).
What is it with Victoria University and its left leaning scumbag lawyers? 
We’ve already highlighted the issues surrounding lefty lawyer and Wellington University lecturer Steven Price. 
Winston Peters is teaching them all a very harsh lesson. 
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