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Why Is the Tax Payer Stuck with Three Waters Employees?

Another hangover of the previous government is the 5 year contracts that some Three Waters staff have signed. We are just one year in. 
What a joke, when the previous government knew that 3 Waters would not survive a change of government.
Once again, we are saddled with debt that the previous Labour led government knew was coming.
Where is the accountability?
PM Luxon has admitted that he is aware of the likely coming payouts… how about naming and shaming the people who approved all this mess! 
The employment contracts are one thing, but what about the building leases and the fit outs? Who signed those off? 
One source to this blog from the real estate sector tells us that a lease is in place for a decade, and nobody is even in the offices. 
The ‘sting in the tail’ from the previous failed Labour government has a long way to go for the poor long suffering kiwi tax payer. 
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