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NZ Really Did Get an Early Xmas Present

Jacinda Ardern’s resignation was that present. 

How pathetic is the NZ media once again! The roll out of a story about NZ’s worst PM, Jacinda Ardern.
Seriously, how many times can they roll out this vile women as some kind of Saint…
Yesterday the shit roll that is the NZ Herald ran story on the callous bitch.
Let’s be very clear – Ardern is dead to all of us. 
Ardern’s most starring role would be on PornHub as she fucked a whole country. 
To quote the NZ Herald “the circle of trust”… that was a cool quote from Meet the Fockers … Ardern is more like Meet the Fuckers (of a nation). Her crew almost screwed us all to death. 
We love Mike Tyson, and we recently watched a video of him talking about Floyd Mayweather – Tyson said that he himself travels “coach”, no need for security, no need for bodyguards as he has no need for them as there are no haters. Tyson said why does Floyd need so much protection if he is loved by so many like he claims? (It’s a great analogy) 
The same rules and answers apply to Jacinda Ardern – why so much protection if she is allegedly the most loved PM this nation has ever had?
The answer is simple… Ardern is universally hated. She did ZERO for NZ, she was the architect of the demise of a once great nation. 
The only question left to answer is who is paying for all the security as she travels the world?
To the butcher in Tairua, we salute you! 
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