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Epstein’s Global Rape Club

Todays legal document dump has sadly not shown us much more than we already know. 
It’s the client list we ALL want to see. To date its court documents, and allegations made by various victims, yet no charges have been laid other than against Maxwell. 
There are a couple of parts to all this, and so far that seems lost on most of the MSM outlets.
Today was no ‘smoking gun’. 
The ‘parts’ are those who were with Epstein prior to his conviction, and those who were there after his conviction in 2008.
And there is of course the significant issue of the bribes, and pay offs that allowed Epstein to get off so lightly with his conviction back in 2008. 
That conviction was widely, and publicly known.
From here we need to know who gave him money, and those who enabled the early Jeffery Epstein.
Then there is part 2, when those who knew he was convicted child sex offender continued to associate with him. 
Here is one example – In a 2021 interview with CNN, Microsoft founder Bill Gates voiced regret for forming a connection with Epstein in the years after Epstein’s 2008 conviction. “It was a huge mistake to spend time with him,” Gates said.
So so so much more to come.
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