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Marc Spring – Private Prosecutor

We’ve had a lot of conversations with people over the last few months, in particular about the defamation cases Spring has won, along with the battles in the Family Court, High Court and Court of Appeal in which he was successful. 
So much great feedback on all the stories of ‘real life’ experiences in the NZ Court system on this blog. 
To date all the wins have been with Spring as a ‘Lay Litigant’ – which is a lay person who is self represented for their own Court cases. 
A Private Prosecutor is something quite different … 
Spring is involved in a case that is currently before the Courts where he is the Private Prosecutor. 
Private Prosecutions in NZ are relatively rare, and the most notable is probably Arthur Taylor, when he took on “Witness C” in the infamous David Tamihere case with regard to the murder of 2 Swedish tourists. 
Arthur Taylor prevailed, and the now deceased defendant, Conchie Robert Harris, was convicted of perjury.
Its worth noting that the evidential threshold to have charges accepted by the Court by a Private Prosecutor is exceptionally high, and Spring is prosecuting 28 charges. 
Due to the defendant having name suppression we wont publish the charge list. 
Sometimes the Police and various investigating bodies drop the ball, or get misled, so NZ still allows a member of the public to assume the role of Prosecutor. 
2024 will be a very interesting year for Spring in his role as Private Prosecutor, as he tells us he is mulling another case as Private Prosecutor. 
We hope later in 2024 to lay out all the players, the links, and shed some light that will ultimately be very embarrassing for several individuals who have been involved with certain criminals.
Stay tuned ! 
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