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Book of Leviticus 19:18

‘Love thy neighbour’ 
It’s strange, as Margie Thomson, author of the hit job book called Whale Oil never loved her neighbour.
Spring lives just 2 doors away, yet Margie Thomson could not even wander the local hood to say hi, have a chat, and verify a single thing. 
Spring says “it’s so funny as that old bat could have just called in for a coffee, a wine, and just got the truth, she could have reviewed the 765 pages from the NZ Police, and not blown her entire career on a book of bullshit”.
Luckily the insurers were there to step in… IAG. Poor bastards. As Margie could not pay for f**k all.
Lets see what 2024 brings, as Spring says “Margie could write my book, the truth book” … call past Margie.
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