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Golriz Is Gone… Shoplifter Kicked for Touch

Now its a drug issue … good one Golriz. 
At 12.56PM today, we posted a breaking story about Green Party joke, Golriz Ghahraman – calling her out on the theft from the luxurious clothing boutique called “Scotties”. 
It was an early call for us, but we strapped the ‘set on’ as they say, and got the story into the MSM via our soclal media channels. 
The sharing, and reposting was feverish, with many calls taken by Spring asking “f**k is this true”. And “shit you’ve really gone out on a limb here”.
Spring says “no limb, just the real deal”.
We have long suspected the Greens are NOT the real deal, and today is a ‘real deal’ example of all thats wrong with the likes of Golriz.
Spring says “I deliver the truth and the facts… simple” 
The Greens have a MASSIVE job ahead now with this mess, and we will just pass over the emails we have to the MSM (the trusted ones, which are few and far between), to get the real story out there to make sure that The Greens are made to pay big time for the continued BS the cause the NZ public.
We love our followers … god bless. 
Stay tuned… 
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