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The Wall of Silence from the Green Party

Media commentators are saying the Greens need to act, they need to reply, and they need to engage… its all a bit late.
With Golriz out of NZ on a ‘well planned’ holiday (we would like to know the details to prove it was well planned), it quite obvious the Green Party knew about all this pre xmas. 
Our sources have now confirmed that Green Party MP, Golriz, Ghahraman shoplifted close to $15,000.00 worth of goods from Scotties Boutique. 
These items included a brand called “The Row” – a very high end, and expensive fashion label where pants can cost upwards of $4000.00 NZD. Our source believes she targeted this brand in particular. 
“The Row” is named in reverence of Londons famous Saville Row. 
It appears Ms Ghahraman has exclusive and expensive taste … for a shoplifter.
Our source tells us that Golriz has returned some items, but not all the items.
Another burning question is why the NZ Police took so long to open its investigation?
Any why the Greens have said nothing publicly? 
2024 won’t be great year for the Greens in the debating chamber! 
More to come… 
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