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Will Golriz Be the End of the Green Party?

As readers, (and some haters) have been watching, this blog has been unpacking the sorry state of affairs that is both MP, Golriz Ghahraman, and The Green Party
ZB Plus reporter and blogger, Philip Crump has just released a story confirming a second shoplifting incident at the same upmarket boutique, Scotties.
This ‘incident’ is alleged to have taken place weeks before the story broke into Golriz’s shoplifting issues.
So that begs the question – did The Green Party know about this well before the December 23rd 2023 incident?
The Greens are stupidly silent on all this – why has Ms Ghahraman not been sacked?
We will continue to investigate this matter, as quite clearly this a massive cover up by the top brass at The Green Party. 
The NZ Police have confirmed they received a report of shoplifting on December 23rd, 2023… that in itself warrants a through investigation. 
If The Green Party wont act decisively for the NZ voting public, they have NO place in our Parliament. 
Still, if its not “white cis males”, or shoplifters, what else do they have to offer? Lets not forget the Marama Davidson motorbike selfie incident, or the Posie Parker shambles. 
Stay tuned.
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