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It’s Time for Some Proof of Travel

As the shoplifting fiasco continues to plague the Green Party, it’s time for some actual evidence of Golriz’s travel to be disclosed.
It’s all very well for a press release to be made saying the travel was booked well before she shoplifted at Scottie’s Boutique.
The Greens, its leadership and its management look complicit in the attempted cover up.
We’ve emailed the GM of The Greens, Miriam Ross, to ask for confirmation of booking dates for the so called ‘planned travel’. 
This could at that very least clear up what’s publicly perceived as another lie.
Miriam Ross now has her ‘out of office’ reply switched on. Amazing when a party is in crisis. 
The more this goes on, the more it looks like an attempted cover up to conceal criminal offending.
The issue now is not just Golriz and her penchant for 5 finger discounting, but those around her who have attempted to hide her theft from being made public.
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