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Just Who Is the PR Genius at the Green Party?

This blog broke the story of the shoplifting by Green MP, Golriz Ghahraman, and a few hours later the local MSM picked up on our breaking story. 
Spring says “its been great working with the media on this story, as we all have been checking and double checking facts… gotta love the left haters who cant stand the truth”. 
Since then its been the main story for several days (and will continue to be), including being at the lead headline story on One News at 6pm. It is also now global, in particular in Iran where our first refugee MP immigrated from.
The Green Party, who knew about the 2 shoplifting allegations, have effectively buried their heads in the sand over the matter – you have to ask why?
This story now is not just about the shopping habits of a Green MP, as it is now starting to infect the entire party. Some say the Greens will struggle to come back from any of this. 
There is simply so much explaining to do to the voting public of NZ.
One issue that could easily be cleared up is that of the claims that Ms Ghahramans travel had been booked well in advance. A simple confirmation via a press release would suffice with the various documents of proof. 
To date, nothing what so ever has been forthcoming, 
This blog wrote to The Green Party on multiple occasions, including yesterday, asking for confirmation that the travel statement they issued is true, and can be backed by travel bookings and a payment confirmation.
Why would The Green Party not provide that information to clear those making statements in the media?
Today we finally heard back from Danny Stevens, Director of Communications at The Green Party. However Danny supplied no information, nor answers to any questions, other than to say that we must contact him directly.
Following Dannys email to us at 11.06am today (Sunday 14 January 2024), we replied asking for answers to our questions around the purported travel bookings.
Once again we have had no reply from Danny Stevens with any evidence.
This coming week will be telling, as now Golriz is just part of the story, as the entire Green Party leadership and management have some serious hurdles to overcome. 
Does The Green Party honestly believe its own PR spin that they are waiting for Ms Ghahraman to return to NZ before they can speak with her? 
Parliament sits on 30 January 2024, and we can hardly wait for the Rt Hon. Winston Peters to lead the charge in making sure all the details of this sordid mess are placed before the NZ public. 
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