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Serial Shoplifter Golriz and a Political Cover Up?

We said from day one, this was going to run a much longer course than just a minor ‘one off’ incident at Scotties Boutique.
Today at 6.04pm we published further allegations from sources with regard to further offending by Green MP, Golzriz Ghahraman at a high end Wellington store.
Just after 7pm tonight Stuff published a story naming the Wellington store. The NZ Herald has since republished the same allegations.
But this is where things take a real turn, and where so many more questions need to be answered.
It is now reported that the NZ Police have been investigating the allegation of theft from the Wellington store on October 26th, 2023. 
When did the NZ Police receive the report from the Wellington store?
When did The Green Party get notified that one of their MPs had been accused of theft from the Wellington store?
Why has the additional allegation not been discussed by The Green Party nor made public? 
Given the recent allegations about Ms Ghahraman being made public for the first time by this blog, why did the Greens or NZ Police not disclose that a further investigation had also been commenced?
What would make this worse is if the Greens and the NZ Police knew about the allegations well before we broke the story about the 2 incidents at Scotties Boutique. 
The Green Party now really has nowhere to go, and there is a possibility that the NZ Police are implicated in keeping this from becoming public. 
More to come…. 
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