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So Many Unanswered Lies

Below is an email we sent the head of Green Party coms, Danny Stevens… 
No reply ahead of the resignation. 
Good morning Danny 
With the announcement by The Green Party that currently the shoplifting allegations are now a Police matter could you confirm the following …. 
1. Have the Police indicated how long the investigation will take?
2. Have more retailers contacted any member of the Green Party or the NZ Police with the same allegations of Ms Ghaharman? If so how many ?
3. If the Police have not completed its investigation can you confirm that Ms Ghaharman will be present when the House rises on Jan 30th 2024 to answer questions ?
I look forward to your reply. 
Oh well Ms Ghahraman won’t be at the Parliament on 30 January 2023. 
We guess the rest will come to light at some point. 
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