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Mental Health Services in NZ Now Have No Wait Lists?

Wow, so after years of long queues, wait lists, needless deaths, suicides, family breakdowns, prison sentences, drug and alcohol abuse from the lack of mental health services and readily available health professionals, now ex MP Golriz Ghahraman can jet into NZ on a Saturday, get a mental health assessment on Sunday, along with a full report, and by Tuesday she can resign with the Green Party’s blessing that she is sick, and has mental health issues. 
We asked Green Party PR guru Danny Stevens if Golriz got any preferential treatment to have this assessment done, and he replied saying “definitely not”.
Does this mean all of NZ’s catastrophic mental health backlog is cleared? 
Well its not quite that simple, as of course Golriz either had a private paid assessment, or preferential treatment, or she did not have one at all
We asked Danny Stevens if she had a private assessment, and if so, who double checked it for its veracity and truthfulness? What a surprise, no comment from The Green Party on those questions. 
MSM wont call it, but we will… the press conference by the Greens is just a scripted load of bullshit. Nothing more. 
Personal responsibility in NZ continues to be a thing of the past. 
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