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What Is in the Water in Wellington?

Mental health in NZ is a very touchy subject, as frankly the way it’s handled in this country is appalling.
But it has become an all to convenient excuse…
Sorry, but we just don’t buy it.
Kiri Allen – claims mental health.
Tory Whanau – claims mental health.
Golriz Ghahraman – claims mental health.
It’s the ‘go to’ excuse to cover off bad behaviour. 
It’s time people owned their faults. We all have them, but to claim mental health these days is just a cop out. 
There are many kiwis who are suffering from real mental health issues, not ones from being pissed and crashing into a parked car, being pissed at the pub, or stealing thousands of dollars of clothes.
The three mentioned here are all well paid civil servants who have been caught out by their own stupidity. 
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