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A Further Investigation Is Needed?

With disgraced shoplifting thief, with former Green MP Golriz Ghahraman now facing charges, and set appear on 1 February 2024 in the District Court in Auckland, it leaves us with a few other things to ponder.
Being an MP is a very highly trusted position, so perhaps its time for Parliamentary Services to conduct a full audit into the time Ms Ghahraman has been in Parliament, and take a very close look at all her claimed expenses. 
Another consideration is should the Police be looking at her Wellington home much closer? (via a search warrant), and then auditing her wardrobe and jewellery against her bank statements and credit card bills.
Sadly its probably too late to execute a search warrant on the Wellington residence as the loot is likely stashed or has been disposed of… as it is very hard to accept that there have only been 3 instances of shoplifting since October last year. 
We have been talking with another local Ponsonby business who stated that Ms Ghahraman was acting suspiciously in their changing rooms, and that once challenged she made a hasty exit. 
With all that in mind, that leads us back to why the Greens and the NZ Police took so long to kick off the investigation – The Green Party have left other businesses vulnerable to the shoplifting activities of Ms Ghahraman. 
The likely answer to that is until broke the story, the Greens thought they had gotten away with it, and it was buried so the voting public would not find out. 
So far ex Police Minister Ginny Anderson, and the NZ Police have remained tight lipped on when the Green Party notified them that they had an issue with an MP.
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