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Why Golriz Ghahraman Is Just the Entree in All This…

This story just keeps growing, and getting legs that so far nobody can trip up… and they wont. 
Sure, we have had a couple of dickheads send threats, and be abusive, but 99% of the messages are of support, and futher leads to follow up. 
Now you ask, why is GG just the entree? 
The answer is simple, GG was the shoplifter, but the bigger ‘cover up’ players sit much further up the food chain. But, they are no apex predators, just a bunch of dead heads who would rather cover up for one their own, rather than take responsibility for the illegal actions of a tax payer paid colleague. 
Golriz, and her apology, was not sincere, it was a choreographed load of usual nonsense promoted by those in need to pretend to atone in the eyes of the gullible public. So far in some circles they have bought it hook, line and sinker. 
From here there are other questions to be asked as sources have stated to us that the NZ Police were informed by the Greens, then in turn, caretaker PM Chris Hipkins was told about it, as was the then Police Minister, Ginny Andserson.
Sources also report that the “No surprises policy” was not used to inform incoming Police Minister, Mark Mitchell.
So, in the end of days era of Hipkins and Labour, it appears they tried to conceal criminal offending by one of their own. 
No wonder Labour have been so quiet on all this… its not lost on us that the Greens took a huge part of the Labour voter base at the last election, yet Labour has been silent.
Now we know why. 
GG was just the entree, now Labour, Hipkins, and the NZ Police will be the main course, with the Greens being served up as the finale! 
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