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Craig Mason to Stand Trial

Mason, also known by another alias, Roman Williams, is to stand trial in late May 2024 after the NZ Police charged him for his continued harassment. 
It appears that the successful defamation claim by Marc Spring was not enough of a deterrent for Mason and his repugnant abusive ways – a $170,000 plus costs High Court judgement in Springs favour, which to date Spring says “I had $150 bucks towards it, but sadly for Craig every time he gets a job, the court bailiffs go calling to have his wages deducted and the new employers call me, and ask about the reasons why the judgement came about, so sadly for old Mason, his repulsive past keeps seeing him unemployed. I have reached out to Craig several times but he never responds”. 
Spring goes on to say “but defamation is not always about the money, its about the ‘declaration’ by the court in your favour which is often proof enough that you have been defamed” 
Sources tell us that at one District Court hearing Mason appeared to have 2 legal aid lawyers, 1 being for Craig Mason, and the other being for Roman Williams … that really says it all. Our source says he spoke with one of the lawyers who had no idea about this and realised she had been duped, 
The same lawyer informed our source that Mason was offered a sentence of 20 hours community service for a guilty plea… which he declined. 
It looks like all the vile abuse has caught up with Mason, with the NZ Police arresting and charging him to keep the public safe. 
The witness list at the upcoming trial will be most intriguing, with Gary Periam expected to be called and cross examined by Mason’s legal team. 
Springs says “the examination of Periam will no doubt bring much more to light for me personally, as when I sued Mason, its was very obvious that much had been said to Periam by my ex father in law, all of which was utterly disgusting crap”.
Spring also has a restraining order in place against Mason. 
As this story unfolds we will keep readers up to date, as it appears that Springs determination to get to the truth of who has been behind the smear campaign on him has been wholly underestimated. 

*** This site has written to all the parties involved in this case with a list of questions, and to date Craig Mason, Gary Periam and Ralph Norris have declined to respond.
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