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Just How Far Will the Cover up of Golriz’s Shoplifting Go?

It’s an often heard phrase by Detectives … “we are actively pursuing lines of enquiry”.
This site is definitely chasing down leads, and making many many inquiries. 
The continuing saga of thrice charged shoplifter, ex Green MP, Golriz Ghahraman appears to still have some twists, and unexpected turns.
Speculation has been rife as to just how did the footage of Golriz sifting around Scotties Boutique make it in to the public domain. 
Well placed sources have again contacted this blog with further information, that frankly even we were astounded by.
It has come to our attention via a source that the ‘leaker’ of the CCTV footage was one of the owners of Scotties. 
One of the owners has been described as a “Green voter”. 
We are informed that the CCTV footage was sent to some doctor friends of the said “Green voter”  who were to assist in establishing a medical diagnosis for Golriz Ghahraman before the media found out about the story.
It appears that one of the owners of Scotties wanted to assist in providing a plausible excuse for Ms Ghahraman. 
Why would an upmarket retailer attempt to cover up for a sitting MP? 
Who else in the Green Party is involved? 
This site has dominated the airwaves by breaking the Golriz story, with MSM chiming in. 
There is more to come on this… 
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